Online Orders. You can order online through our Online Store here. Credit card payment is via PayPal – you do NOT need a PayPal account, simply choose the “pay with credit card” option when you are redirected to PayPal. (If you have a PayPal account then, of course, you can use this for payment.) Alternatively you may choose “manual payment” at checkout and you will receive an email with payment details.

Orders by e-mail, text or web order. Orders will not be sent without an arrangement for payment being agreed … a conversation or a correspondence. Say what you want, where to send, is it rural, how and when you going to pay. Your name (and phone number if possible). If an email address is given, a PDF copy of invoice will be emailed ahead of the parcel.

On receipt of your order:  direct to BNZ account printed on Invoice, or at time of ordering supply Visa, MasterCard or Debit card details.

Payment is due on or before receipt of the dyes unless a specific agreement for a later date is entered at the time of ordering.  If any arranged payment is late, a credit charge calculated at 8% per month may be invoiced separately over and above. Also, any costs incurred in Credit Consultants recovering a late payment will be charged to the customer.

If you decide to order by email, phone or post, please ensure you:

(a) supply your first name and surname;
(b) supply a physical delivery address (i.e. not a PO Box but your place, or a local garage/store/depot where parcels are delivered) that the courier can use;
(c) tell us whether or not your address is urban or rural (we have to pay a small surcharge to use a rural delivery contractor at the end of the freight process);
(d) state how you are going to pay for the goods, either (i) upon receipt of goods by depositing the funds directly into our bank account, or (ii) at time of ordering by Visa, MasterCard or Debit card and of course
(e) tell us what colours and sizes you want!


Shipping on your order is a flat rate of $9.50 to North Island towns and cities and $14.00 to South Island towns and cities, for internet orders only. All orders are plus $6.5 if your mail arrives by Rural Mail contractor. Shipping will be added automatically at checkout.

Delivery is usually 3-4 working days from receipt of order for North Island, 4-5 working days for South Island. We can ship powder dyes to Australia for $20 but cannot ship liquids.

Delivery will be by Post Haste courier – so don’t give a PO Box number. 


Because of the number of slow-paying customers, we advise everyone who buys on credit from us what will happen if they are slow to pay.

(i) Payment is due in full on receipt of the dyes, unless negotiated at the time of sale.
(ii) If the payment is not paid within 7 days of the invoice date the customer will incur and be liable to pay at our discretion a credit charge of an additional 8% for each month or part thereof for which there is an outstanding balance. We’ll invoice you for that separately.
(iii) In the event that we incur recovery/collection fees to get money owed to us, e.g. by NZ Credit Consultants or other debt collection services, those charges will also be charged to and collected from the customer.

We are willing to negotiate different terms with clients, but this must be done at the time of the sale.

Ioulia Crowley trading as Teri Dyes
PO Box 12096, Inner City Post, Palmerston North 4444